Elusive In The Shadows

Leopards are renowned for being difficult to spot when out in the bush, let alone to photograph and then let alone again to get an image worthy of any pride. However, the satisfaction and reward one gets when presented with such a sighting is beyond explanation. To be able to watch and document the natural behaviour of such a beautiful and powerful animal is nothing short of pure privilege, and such that no one should ever take for granted.

I’ve been lucky enough to have had some fantastic leopard sightings over the years, all of which stay with me in such vivid detail that it feels like they all could have happened yesterday. Stretching on termite mounds at sunset, eating kills in trees and battling hyenas for impala scraps are such examples that to this day, years later, still give me goose bumps. However, due to their fondness of hunting at night, most sightings are under the cover of darkness which makes photography a hundred times harder. When I think back to