Based in the Greater Kruger of South Africa, working as Photography Manager for African Impact, I'm looking to introduce and showcase to other like minded photographers the beauty that had me fall in love with Africa twenty years ago.


With this comes the added responsibility of instilling a thoughtful, ethical and conservation based approach and mindset to how we work in and with the natural world. Great photography is not hard to come by, but meaningful photography is. My aim is to teach photographers the potential importance and impact their images and work can have in aiding and assisting the health and growth of our natural biosphere. How can an image make a difference? What stories can we tell? What awareness can we spread and how do we support the animals that we love so much? These are the questions to keep asking yourself as a photographer and when you do, you’re actively stepping into the realm of becoming a conservation photographer - something that the world desperately needs in all corners.

With African Impact I’m developing and running various on the ground projects ranging from teaching and introducing photography to international volunteers, guiding enthusiasts / semi-pros through the realities of wildlife photography and even setting those up with the tools and facilities to potentially run their own photographic safaris and launch their careers in wildlife photography. But all of this comes with an ethical and conservational underlining, which is the foundation of which everything has been built upon.

"Having Sam as a teacher is really something incredible.

He sees things in your pictures that you can’t pinpoint right away and you grow so much as a photographer learning from him. Next to that, he is an amazing photographer himself. I was blown away by the images that he would show and by the level of professionalism. Can’t wait to learn from him again!"     

 - Noelle Hamoen, Photographer

"Not only is Sam a fantastic wildlife photographer, he is a fantastic teacher! Even though I had been doing photography for years prior to having him teach me, I still learned new things. In a single class people of all skill levels were able to improve. Very highly recommend!


 - Lindsey Forg, Photographer

"Sam is a highly skilled photographer with a very broad portfolio of excellent wildlife photos. As a teacher at African Impact in the Kruger Area, he's very passionate and interested in bringing out the best in his students, taking as much time as needed to get all participants on a good level. His expertise and his candid and humorous personality made the time with him really worthwhile. Can't recommend him enough!"


 - Max Knoop, Photographer

"As a Guide working with Sam over the last few years has been a joy and privilege. I have witnessed a rare combination of incredible personal photography with the ability to teach it to others, whilst still retaining patience, enthusiasm and a sense of humor throughout. These traits are not something easily found in a teacher and anybody wanting to learn wildlife photography should definitely look to have Sam as their mentor."


 - Katie Adams, Field Guide & Ecological Scientist

"As a guide, the experience that Sam brings to the photography element of safaris is priceless. A patient and friendly tutor with an eye for any subject matter!


 - Michelle Haveron, Field Guide

"As a guide having Sam on truck has been a fantastic experience. His photography knowledge and expertise has not only advanced the skills of the guests he is teaching but also of my own skills in guiding photographers. Never hesitate to take the opportunity to learn from this fantastic photographer!"


 - Vicky Simmons, Field Guide

"Having spent 4 weeks with Sam on a photography project in South Africa, I was delighted to see how my photography had progressed. Sams enthusiasm is infectious and getting out there capturing images became the name of the game. It’s not just the Big 5 who warrant attention but every living creature big or small. Sam makes you aware of your surroundings and the beauty of everything within lens range. I was so impressed I returned for a further 2 weeks and am looking to book again"


 - Steve Pugh, Photographer